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Quick Hits: the short version in bite-sized morsels


The Hard Problem of Consciousness

Physicalism: Are we really living in a material world?

Epiphenomenalism: So even if consciousness is real, what could it possibly do?

The Self

The Turing Test

Functionalism: Can't we just say that consciousness depends on the higher-level organization of a given system?

Reductionism and Emergence: What kinds of things are there, really?

The All-At-Onceness of Conscious Experience

Time Consciousness and The Specious Present

Realism: To what extent is the world out there the way it seems?

Free Will

Quantum Mechanics

Meta Discussion: The Sociology of Science

Panpsychism's Aggregation Problem

Neuron Replacement Therapy

Cognitive Qualia and HOT Theories

Qualia Are Non-Informational (although they can be very informative)

Representations and the Mind: Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Information

Language and Meaning

Daniel Dennett

Beyond the Cartesian Theater: More Better Models and Metaphors


Future Directions




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