beef stew (Cook's Illustrated #102, Jan/Feb 2010)
crockpot beef stew
roast beef


chicken pot pie
chicken soup
leftover turkey soup
chicken piccata
roast chicken
turkey mole soup
chicken tikka masala From Cook's Illustrated, #88, Sept/Oct 2007. Pretty much the best chicken tikka masala you've ever had at any restaurant.
sopa rachera
Coq Au Vin


pork chops with onion sauce
sage/maple pork chops
pork with wild rice
pulled pork
mu shu pork
pork tenderloin


fried fish
Martin Yan's fried fish with sichuan chili sauce

Mostly Vegetables

mushroom risotto
veggie lasagna
twice-baked potatoes
Very good lentil soup recipe from "Beat this!" by Ann Hodgman
Even better lentil soup recipe from Cook's Illustrated #66, Jan/Feb 2004 page 1 page 2
Italian Pasta & Bean soup (fazool) from Cook's Illustrated #61
Farro, Bean, and Mushroom Soup (Love this. Be sure to do the mushroom variation, and use LOTS)
Polenta with Mushrooms and Swiss Chard
African Peanut/Collard Stew
Farro/herb/tomato/bean salad


vanilla cake
chocolate cake
chocolate sauce
apple crisp
buttercream frosting
chocolate sour cream frosting
ice cream
pie crust
apple pie
lemon bars
boston cream pie (Cook's Illustrated #109, March/April 2011)
pumpkin pie
molasses spice cookies (Cook's Illustrated #54, Jan/Feb 2002)
chocolate chip cookies
oatmeal cookies
chocolate_oatmeal cookies (Better Homes and Gardens "The Ultimate Cookie Book")
New York Times chocolate chip cookies (Use Valrhona Manjari 64% feves - expensive, but absolutely worth it)
no-bake cookies
glazed lemon shortbread cookies
sugar cookies (double this recipe, and you don't need to refrigerate them after you've cut the shapes and put them on the cookie sheets)
spritz cookies (Cook's Illustrated #71, Nov/Dec 2004) add 1 tbs. peppermint extract and Wilton's red food coloring
coffee cake (icing optional, add chopped pecans to topping)
chocolate pudding (Cook's Illustrated #112)
meringue cookies (Cook's Illustrated #91)


egg nog
whole wheat bread
iced tea
olive crostini

table of cake pan sizes

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